Stomach Pain Gone Because of The Keto Diet

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Ketogenic diet or keto diet was popular thanks to artist Kim Kardashian West. The wife of Kanye West rapper managed to cut her weight to 34 kilograms.

This diet seems simple so it is not surprising that this diet is then practiced by some people, including Desy Septiyani, a private employee in Jakarta.

Desy said, he did not really follow the strict diet keto rules. According to him, carbohydrates are really ‘forbidden’ when undergoing a keto diet. But the keto diet that he applied still had carbohydrate intake in the form of rice in small portions.

“So I eat rice just once, (at) lunch. Morning if I’m hungry, eat whole wheat bread. Night or evening eat whole wheat or fruit bread,” Desy said when contacted by via a short message, Thursday (1/11).

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He practiced keto diet since mid-December 2017 after repeatedly failing diet. This time he established himself to lose weight. His weight is now recorded at 60 kilograms and he wants to reduce it to 15 kilograms until next June or July.

“I once checked the body mass index and was almost obese when the scales were still 59 kilograms. Now it’s like obesity,” he said.

The diet is done with struggle, especially having to set aside his favorite foods, namely noodles including instant noodles. But he survived because he knew that a thin body awaited him. The spirit of his diet is also supported by thin competition with his friends. Even though there is no prize for the winner, a partner who wants to be thin makes him excited.

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“Coincidentally, there are friends who are both fat, invited skinny races. At the end of each month we will report to each other what has been done. There are no prizes, just to motivate,” he said.

Although not even a month on a diet, Desy admitted that she was not easily tempted to buy snacks. Once after work, he used to stop buying macaroni, seblak or brains. In addition, since the diet, he is also used to eating rice in small portions.