Several Diets That You Must Try

Several Diets That You Must Try

Actually, there is no dietary theory that guarantees its use gets maximum results, in essence the success of implementing a diet depends on one’s understanding, effort, and sincerity to do it. But there are several diets that are often done and applied by artists and also most people, including the ketogenic diet and the OCD diet.

Ketogenic diet is a dietary arrangement with a low composition of high-fat carbohydrates, so the body produces ketones in the liver to replace the role of carbohydrates as energy producers. Where the main fuel in the metabolic process is no longer carbohydrates or glucose, it is fat (“i-KetoFast”, n.d.).

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The principle is to stop consuming carbo / sugar and start consuming fat. This does not mean that 100% does not consume carbo / sugar, but with ketogenic diet there is an ideal composition that must be maintained, ie fat consumption of around 70-80%, 15-25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.

Types of foods that should be avoided are foods with high carbohydrates such as wheat (bread, pasta, cereal), starch (rice, potatoes, cassava), or fruits with high fructose content and can be replaced with green vegetables or nuts for carbohydrates.

Many benefits can be felt from this ketogenic diet, if only done in the right way and obey the rules. These benefits such as getting an ideal body weight, more stable emotions, therapy for degenerative diseases, and the body can feel full longer.

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The OCD diet (Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet) is a diet program solution conducted by artist and presenter Deddy Corbuzier and is declared capable of losing weight in a short time. The main key to success in implementing an OCD diet is to follow the predetermined “eating window rules” and not consume even one calorie of food outside the window eating rules.

The method used in the window eating rule is the method of “fasting”, by classifying time into, eating 8 hours and fasting 16 hours, eating 6 hours and fasting 18 hours, and eating 4 hours of fasting 20 hours. That is, eating naturally (not excessive) at a predetermined time and then continued with fasting.