Hair Loss When Pregnant? Apparently This is The Cause and The Treatments

Hair Loss When Pregnant

One of the concerns of pregnant women is when they see the condition of hair loss that is getting worse. Don’t panic, hair loss during pregnancy is actually reasonable, really!

Even so, Mother needs to know the facts behind it and how to overcome it.

My period of pregnancy was indeed past a few years ago. However, because this moment is very happy and a historical record for me personally, then there are many things that are hard to forget.

This of course includes a sense of worry that is often felt by new mothers. For example the condition of hair loss during pregnancy.

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Yes, I was quite shocked because when I was pregnant my hair experienced quite severe hair loss. To the extent that I even thought, “What about getting bald? Is it possible that the nutrients I consume are lacking or even not good? “

But, after consulting with a gynecologist, I got a welcome answer. I remember. Dr. Soemanadi SpOg, said that hair loss during pregnancy is normal. This is due to changes in hormobal in the body of pregnant women.

If the hormone progesterone increases, it can make your hair dry so you risk making your hair break easily and very brittle.

In the article Detik Health, obstetrician and obstetrician Dr. Manny Alvarez also mentioned that the condition of hair loss in pregnant women is actually only temporary. Hair will grow back. Generally, this hair loss after giving birth will subside after 3-4 months as natural follicle rejuvenation.

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Not only that, dr. Manny reminded that after pregnancy, thyroid gland function will change. Low levels of thyroid hormone can also make hair fall out.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that mothers check postpartum thyroid hormone levels because this condition can basically be treated with several drugs.